EZ Bkup logo. The letters 'EZ', then 'Bkup' underneath, in somewhat flourescent green.
The easiest backup program on earth!

EZ Bkup is a data backup program for the desktop striving to be as quick and easy to use, as possible.

EZ Bkup is a graphical, user-facing frontend for Rsync, built with Owlkettle and GTK. It is written in Nim, which is a modern, memory-safe, type-safe, and high performance programming language that helps produce correct, secure, small, and efficient (blazingly fast? 🙂) programs.

EZ Bkup runs on Linux distributions and expects rsync (3.2.4+) and polkit to be installed. Please see the "Release Details" Help Text below for notes regarding the available releases.

Respects Your Time

  • Zero configuration/settings required.
  • Zero Rsync knowledge required.
  • Create Backup Routine(s) and run on-demand.
  • Fast: Only copies what has changed since last time.

Respects your Freedom

  • EZ Bkup source code is released under the GPLv3.
  • No DRM.

Respects your Privacy

  • No Telemetry.
  • Does not beam your data back to the mothership.

If you've been reluctant to backup your data on a regular basis, or at all, because you didn't want to learn/configure a backup program, read a man page and use a command line program, or deal with the slow and tedious process of copying and pasting disparate folders/directories, we understand. That's why we created EZ Bkup for ourselves, and are happy to share it with you!

The Supporter Release, offered as part of the checkout process below as a way to fund the project, includes an instructions file, the binaries for the easy-to-use graphical installer/uninstaller, called EZ Bkup Valet, that installs a pre-built binary of EZ Bkup (bash scripts are included for distros with polkit versions less than 121 that can't use EZ Bkup Valet), along with needed resources for a OS-integrated, and convenient, experience. Any updates to EZ Bkup are free to download for 1 year. The Supporter Release binaries are built for x86_64 linux with glibc. Currently tested with Fedora 37, 38 and Ubuntu 22.04.1, but many other distros should work, as well. Support for musl-based distros like Alpine Linux is planned for the future. Other OSes (BSD, Windows?! Mac??!!) are a possibility, but we will have to see how that works out.

The Source Release of EZ Bkup is released under the GPLv3, at no charge, for people who want to inspect the source code, compile it themselves, or who can't afford to financially support the project. It is the source code of EZ Bkup only, and is very much "DIY". No instructions, installer/uninstaller program or scripts, binaries, or OS-integration resources are included.

We kindly ask that Supporters not distribute files that are unique to the Supporter Release, so that EZ Bkup might be sustainable.

Price ea: $9.95 (includes any updates for 1 yr)
Quantity: 1

Thank You for supporting the development of ethical software!